Feedlot Supplements

Feedlot Supplements

Convenient and affordable, Midwest Ag Feedlot Liquid is supplemental nutrition for cattle, formulated for maximum profitability. Liquid supplements are economical and an easy way to deliver nutrients to the feedbunk. It handles easily, stimulates dry matter intake and reduces separation of feed ingredients. Formulated with quality ingredients, Midwest Ag liquid supplements provides balance to your feedlot ration with essential protein, sugars, vitamins and minerals to achieve superior performance. All Midwest Ag supplements exceed the NRC requirements for trace minerals and vitamins when used at the recommended levels.



No storage shrink and easy delivery and mixing into your TMR reduce the time it takes to provide nutrition to your cattle.   Cattle feeders utilizing liquid supplements will make better use of their home grown forages and grains by enhancing palatability, lowering dust and eliminating separation. More uniform consumption of rations made with Midwest Ag liquid supplements will improve feed efficiency and increase average daily gains.

Midwest Ag Liquid Supplements are fully customizable. 

Many products can be added to the supplement to fit your feeding program and needs.

Additive options include:

  • Bio-Mos®
  • Bovetec®
  • MGA®
  • IGR®
  • Rumensin®
  • Tylan®

  • Decoxx®
  • Yeast
  • Gain Pro®
  • Rabon®
  • Additional vitamins and minerals
  • Micro-Aid Yucca extract®