Free Choice Cattle Supplements

Free Choice Cattle Supplements

Convenient, economical and practical, these are words that describe using Midwest Ag Supplements LLC Liquid Free Choice (LFC) feeds to provide nutrients to your cattle on pasture, range, or fall crop residue grazing. Midwest Ag’s (LFC) feed, fed through a lick wheel feeder, is an efficient way to deliver the target supplementation that your cattle need to reach their genetic potential while grazing. Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, Midwest Ag (LFC) feed provides balance to your cattle’s ration with essential proteins, sugars, vitamins and minerals to achieve superior performance. All Midwest Ag (LFC) supplements exceed NRC requirements for trace minerals and vitamins when fed at recommended levels and are designed for consumption control when fed through lick wheel feeders.

There is a Midwest Ag (LFC) supplement formulated to provide the essential nutrients to cattle grazing pastures, rangeland or crop residue for all seasons.


Midwest Ag Supplements LLC (LFC) feeds will reduce the amount of time and labor required to provide supplementation to grazing cattle. Cattle will consume liquid supplements more uniformly and evenly than cattle on low moisture tubs or blocks. The balanced blend of protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins will enhance fiber digestion maximizing pasture forages.

Fly Control

Horn flies can cause major impacts on cattle performance and growth. Reports put the economic loss to the cattle industry at over $875 million per year. High infestations of horn flies can reduce weaning weights by up to 25 pounds per calf.

Midwest Ag (LFC) supplements are a perfect choice to deliver Altosid® IGR fly control to your cattle on pastures and ranges.  Altosid® will reduce horn fly populations, breaking the life cycle of horn flies by preventing the development of adult flies.