Texturizing Molasses

Midwest Ag Supplements’ texturizing molasses is the answer for enhancing grain mixes for calves, lambs, show animals and horses. A blend of premium cane molasses, specialty fats and added flavoring and preservatives makes our texturizing molasses the choice to use for all feeding applications.

The advantages for using Midwest Ag Supplements’ texturizing molasses are:

  • Reduces grain fines and dust while enhancing feed appearance and aroma
  • Increases palatability and acceptance
  • Improves feed intakes
  • Adds energy in the form of highly digestible sugars and fats
  • Stimulates digestion and enhances gut health
  • Has lower build up on augers and mixers  than straight molasses
  • Contains preservatives to increase shelf life of manufactured feed
  • Is blended in a dedicated drug-free mixer, has no drugs, hormones or animal proteins or fats
  • Is available in bulk, 2500lb. totes or 50lb. jugs